Friday, July 3, 2009

E-FEST '09

Economics Fiesta 2009 or E-Fest ‘09 will be organized by Economics And Managements Science Society which is under Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). This coming spectacular event will take place mainly at Cultural Activities Center (CAC), IIUM on 19th July to 25th July this year.
The nature of the program is a one week festival fill with variety of programs that related to concept of economics excellence that plays the important role to obtain success without forsaken the great Islamic values. There will 10 sub-programme going to be organized along the week by more than 250 committed crew.
Those events are I-Tech fair, Book fair, Business exhibition, Business seminar, Muslim bazaar, Forum Bicara Ad-din (collaboration with IKIM), Econ Sprint, E-Sports, Going Green, Health care Therapy Campaign.
The main objectives of thie glorious event is
  • to expose students with the reality of how entrepreneurship can inject the development of economy in Malaysia.
  • to promote and encourage business minded among Muslim students.
  • to guide students on how to become a successful Islamic entrepreneur.

Right now, all of the organizing committees are working hard in order to make this enormous event a successful. We are grateful for those who have been helping us along this journey. Wishing thank you might just not be enough for your kindness.
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